What Mawazo Challenge means to Students applying.
April 18, 2017
It is more than just a challenge, it’s a transformative process
April 19, 2017
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The need to unshelve the health students research and ideas and bring them to viable solutions.

Why did you choose to study medicine? this is the question that is always asked to

people when they are joining in medical school/health university because studying

medicine is the long-term commitment and shouldn’t be taken easily. Some of the health

students respond to that as a personal call, a pleasure for them to help people who are sick

and/or a great prestige being a part of scientists who discover new treatment for certain

disease and cure the world.

Other saying Medicine is the noble professional, it feels good and honorable to be in the

white coat and have a stethoscope around the neck and be called a Doctor or Pharmacist.

They believe these people are seen as a symbol of dignity and responsibility toward the

community. Other are in for the financial gain because they believe after graduating they

will secure stable jobs easily. Etc.

Of all the responses, the importance of studying medicine is generally put under common

umbrella of saving lives by treating the diseases and preventing their occurrences.

However in today’s world, for Medicine to advance, it is highly dependent on health

research. Research has always been the source of change to the medical practice.

Health research leads to significant discoveries, development of new drugs, treatment and

diagnostic equipment, new treatment and diagnostic Procedures and remarkable

improvements in health care and Public health hence resulting in creation of employment

opportunities, increased productivity of the population and a great contribution to the

National Income.

Health research has high value to the community. It provides important information about

the disease trends, risk factors, treatments, outcomes as well as prevention methods. Also

research in health care is vital to the delivery of high quality medical care as research

outcomes guide policy and program development as well as the delivery of health

services and emergence of new health technologies

By understanding the importance of health research in today’s world, Mawazo Challenge

Project gives an opportunity to health students to bring out their research, ideas and

projects, and turn them into reality that will help in improving wellbeing of the society,

health care system and delivery in term of affordability, accessibility, availability,

efficacy and efficiency.

To all health students in Tanzania Please apply through www.mawazochallenge.com and

submit your research, idea or Project idea that will bring the greatly desired change to the

health sector, improve the health of our community and make a world to be a better place

for everyone.

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