What Mawazo Challenge means to Students applying.
April 18, 2017
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A new Mawazo Challenge for Tanzanian Students Health Innovators

April 2017 will mark the a new important era for Tanzanian Health and allied sciences students, as www.mawazochallenge.com will launch the first ever students’health and innovation challenge in the country.

In today’s world Healthcare has entered a period of unprecedented change. Throughout the world, innovators are developing creative solutions that increase the efficacy, efficiency, and accessibility of healthcare and transform the way we think about health. Many of these innovations are coming out with products and processes that will improve health and wellness worldwide. Hence the Mawazo Challenge team decided to take it to the grassroots, where it all begins, in the classroom.

With the i4Health Innovation Challenge, we are building on the strengths of the Higher learning health community to provide a platform for students with a passion for health and healthcare to further develop their ideas and gain visibility for their innovations. Our plan is to partner with colleges and departments across campuses to promote the challenge to a broad group of students, from multiple health disciplines. The exciting thing about health innovation is that it’s not limited to students and researchers in medicine alone.Health innovation takes many forms, it could: data-driven discovery, new billing solutions and business models, new ways to monitor health, improvements in efficient healthcare delivery, etc. Students who are expected to apply from this challenge could literally come from any health related discipline.

The plan is for Interdisciplinary student teams to develop new solutions to existing problems—new approaches to helping people live healthier lives, new opportunities for care and treatment, new products or services—and prove that their solutions could be viable in the Tanzanian healthcare market.

The Mawazo Challenge i4Health students’ innovation challenge plans to launch an acceleration programme for the chosen 30 shortlisted candidates to sharpen their ideas, so that they can compete fairly on the winning spots of 10 ideas that will be mentored further to grow their Health related ideas into businesses. Then their Teams will pitch their ideas and demonstrate their innovations to a room of judges in late August 2017 for a chance to win £2500 in seed funding for their venture. Our team have no doubt that the students will embrace this new challenge.

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