Get to Know Mawazo Challenge

Mawazo challenge is under Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF) , a UK Aid established project that aims to identify and support innovations that have the potential to create social impact in education, health and, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) across Tanzania. With a focus on market driven solutions, HDIF catalyses the development, testing and scaling of innovative models of service delivery, information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D), and product solutions in health, education and WASH.

HDIF Program focuses on:

  1. Inspiring quad-aligned networking and strategic awards that cultivate the innovation ecosystem in human development.
  2. Catalyzing the diffusion of innovations in human development.
  3. Transforming the focus and quantity of evidence available to key stakeholders on the practice of innovation in human development.

Mawazo Challenge targets passionate individuals with the heart os solving community problems, and inspires them to design and support great ideas to solve problems in health, education or water, hygiene and sanitation. Talented individuals or groups, of all ages and backgrounds are invited to apply with bold ideas to make a positive impact in the Tanzanian community.The most promising ideas are rewarded seed funds to launch ventures and mentorship sustain their ventures with potential to scale the same.

Implementing Partners