We explore the importance of youth engagement in discovering and supporting innovation for Positive Impact and help youth move their social enterprises from concept to prototype and scale.


Students' Health Innovation Challenge

At Mawazo challenge we believe in pursuing big ideas, finding solutions and sharing results for many challenges facing our country, and this time Health is our priority. As it has been said ‘no research no right to speak’, and we go further to say ‘no ideas, no research no solution for health problem’, however a shelved idea brings no impact hence our call for ideas. We believe, a well done research, a well thought idea, a well-planned project backed up with innovation will result into not only solution but frugal solution for health problems. And where else can research and innovation be nurtured and found than at our Universities? And this is why we are bringing this Challenge to you. We call all students studying at universities of health and allied sciences to take part in order to develop and explore their ideas to innovative solution ideas.


We define ‘innovation’ as an approach, idea, technology or service delivery method that is new to Tanzania and/or the world. The idea should outline why and how your idea is innovative or how it will support innovation.


We will evaluate how your idea could create meaningful health benefits, especially for the poor, children under five, women and girls, and the vulnerable. You should aim to communicate how these groups will benefit from the outcomes of your idea.


We look at the viability of the proposed innovation if implemented in Tanzania and demonstrate how your idea or its outcomes will be viable and sustainable in the long term. Also outline how the impact of your idea can be measured.